1601 E. Church Street, Aurora, MO​​

​​About Us
Still the best entertainment in the surrounding area!

The Sunset Drive-in first opened in April 1951. It was owned and operated by Ralph Hough Sr. and family. The Sunset was sold in 1966 to Jesse, Cecil and Clyde Ruble. In 1965 the current owner David Marks, then a high school senior, began working at the Sunset. David (aka Larry) purchased the theatre in 1977 from the Rubles.
In 1979 the old wooden screen burnt and was replaced with a steel screen for the opening of the 1980 season. Also in 1980, the Sunset Drive-In became automated. Over the years the drive-in has enlarged to accommodate 298 cars which is 100 cars more than it was originally. During the summer of 2001, lightning struck the sound system and the sound was upgraded to Digital Stereo FM with the use of Decade Transmitters made in Canada.

Dear Drive-In Theatre Patron,

Price changes – Keep in mind at the Sunset Drive-In you can see two first run movies for other’s price of seeing one, only less!

CLEARLY, THE SUNSET DRIVE-IN THEATRE IN AURORA IS THE MUCH BETTER VALUE.   We hope in keeping our prices down everyone will have a very enjoyable experience here at the Sunset Drive-In and call this their “home drive-in”.

David Marks  - Owner