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Deadpool 2 Special Menu
Freakin’ Chimichanga- Even Though Deadpool doesn’t like chimichangas, it’s still fun to say it: Chimichanga, chimichanga, chimichanga! Try our freakin’ chimichangas! 2 chimichangas baked to perfection, smothered in nacho cheese sauce, and topped with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and salsa.  Your choice of chicken and cheese, or steak and cheese.
I’m All Out of Love Combo- Are you so lost without me? It’s never too late to say you were wrong…. Well, guess what we have for you and your date! (1) Large Popcorn, (2) Large Drinks, and (2) boxes of candy of your choice. Did you just find love?
Maximum Effort Pepperoni- Have bad guys to kill? Let’s leave that to Deadpool himself, so you pepperoni lovers can try our Maximum Effort Pepperoni Pizza! (1) pepperoni pizza with pepperoni to the max, making your mouth water. 
X-Force Combo- Don’t call it a comeback. Want to join the X-Force with Deadpool? You can with our (1) Maximum Effort Pepperoni Pizza, (2) Large drinks. Delivered to your car X-Force style. 
Lazy Writing Combo- Well, you guessed it: lazy writing. The studio couldn’t afford halfway decent writers, so we’re stuck with this… or maybe they could, and this is as good as it gets? Freakin’ chimichangas with a small side of nachos with cheese and (1) large drink.
Limited Time Menu! Once Deadpool says it’s over, then it’s over!
Get it While you can!
Pump the hate brakes, Thanos -Deadpool