1601 E. Church Street, Aurora, MO​​

Rules and FAQs

Please Note: Hatchback parking has changed due to the overwhelming amounts of hatchbacks now.

The management at the Sunset Drive-In Theatre wants everyone to be able to bring their families to a good and safe environment.  We ask that you be courteous to the other customers that are at the theatre by not being loud, obnoxious or rude.

We do not allow alcoholic beverages and ask that when you are driving through the theatre after dark to drive with your parking lights on only.  We have color coded the posts for parking. Blue posts are for cars only. Nothing taller than 5 feet.  Green posts in the front are for any vehicle (they go fast, get there early) Yellow posts are for the larger vehicles. Cars parking by a yellow post will give up the possibility of watching the movie from inside
their car.
1 ton trucks or larger must park on either of the back two rows. Parking is on a first-come first-served basis.  No one is allowed to sit on top of car roofs.  When arriving and parking, yes, two vehicles CAN park between the posts. It's been done since 1951. Park close to the post.

THIS IS THE POLICY REGARDING  “hatchback doors”.  They have become our biggest problem over the last few years.  This is how we have decided to handle it to serve everyone best.  The “Golden Rule” of do unto others isn’t working.   Here is how it goes....
We have expanded the area for all vehicle parking.  Now, in addition to the front row. We have added the back two rows and the last 4 spaces on the west end of all other rows.  Any “hatchback vehicle” may not park backwards in any other area. If warned more than once, it will be necessary for the vehicle to be removed from the drive in.  The occupants may remain in the parking space during the movie.   Anyone that doesn’t think they can follow this rule needs to come to the drive in in something other than a SUV planning to use the hatchback.   Thus, it is advised to choose the parking space carefully upon arrival.      

Smoking is not allowed in the concession lines, restrooms or restroom lines.

There is no re-admission and there will be no refunds after the movie begins.

Here are the rules for grilling at the Sunset Drive-In Theatre.
1. Coals are to be disposed of IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE and before show time, in the container located in the Northwest corner of the parking area.
2. A marker to be picked up in the concession stand, is to be placed CLOSE to the grill. You must leave a Driver’s License with them until it is returned.
3. Gas grills may not have a gas cylinder larger than 1.02 lbs. No large grills.
These rules must be followed if grilling is to continue at the drive-in. Most drive-ins do not allow grilling at all.  

  • The theatre opens approximately 1 hour before the movie begins and the movie begins at dusk.  
  • Admission is $8.00.    Five and under are free. "Cash only". We do not accept checks or any type of credit or debit cards.  For your convenience, there are two banks and an ATM machine within a mile to the west of the drive-in.  To keep our prices low we have the "cash only" policy. 
  • Call the movie phone if you have any questions about whether there will be a movie or not.  
  • You can bring whatever food or drink (except alcoholic beverages) into the theatre that you would like.   However, while doing so, please keep in mind, the drive-in survives on the concession sales. Revenue from Ticket sales is passed on to the film companies. More often than not, we pay 65% of your ticket to the studios, 8.35% for sales tax, and the remainder for freight, wages, utilities, and maintenance. So, you see, concession sales is the incentive to continue operating the drive-in.  And, our concession prices are considerably cheaper than the indoor theatres.
  • Contrary to what you have heard there are fire safety ordinances related to grilling in a place such as the drive-in, in Aurora.  We have prepared for the disposal of the charcoal at the drive-in. Last year a child tripped over a grill that was still hot sitting on the ground. Many have the idea that when they have finished grilling they can dump the coals on the ground. This WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.  Therefore, to comply with the city regulations, it is necessary for us to have a place for the coal to be disposed of.  We have markers to indicate there is something on the ground to watch out for.

Bring your lawn chairs, radio and blankets for a fun-filled evening of outdoor fun.  All you need to do is tune your radio into 88.9 FM and listen to the music and movie from your chairs.  There is a playground available for children to use before the movies begin. 

We sincerely hope that everyone enjoys coming here and their experience at the drive-in is an enjoyable one.